Free Spirit Knee Walker Use

Before using the knee walker, it's important that you refer to the image and information below to ensure your safety and comfort.

Preparing the Free Spirit Knee Walker for Use:

  1. The tiller (handle bar) is shipped unassembled. Slip the tiller over the front bracket. Insert bolts through bracket and tighten nuts. Slip the padded knee rest into the hold provided. Lock it in place at the desired height, using the black knob an bolt provided. Tighten the knob securely.
  2. Free Spirit Knee Scooter detailed image
  3. Adjust the tiller up or down according to your height. Make sure the knob is fully tightened.
  4. Adjust the padded knee rest up or down according to your height. Make sure the knob is fully tightened.
  5. Check to make sure the tiller latch is tight.
  6. Check all tires to make sure they are not worn or cracked. (A Leg Up has replacement tires you can purchase, should you need them.)
  7. Test the loop hand brakes to ensure that they are in good working order.

Folding Mechanism:

Loop Hand Brake Operation:

(Always operate wheel locks on both sides at the same time.)

When you start using your Free Spirit Knee Walker:

  1. Practice turns slowly until you get the "feel" of your knee walker.
  2. Do not mount or dismount the knee walker on an incline.
  3. Stay on hard surfaces and off grass and sand.
  4. Do not use knee walker on or over stairs.


When the knee walker is in use, make sure the black pull pin on tiller latch is in the closed position and the quick release lever is folded in toward knee scooter.


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